Terrible Flicks

Don't bother even to rent these movies...

Not Worth Your Time

You'll sit through them and then wonder why?

Go: Billed as the American equivalent of the fabulous "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels", it isn't really. This movie wants to be of the stylish Pulp Fiction genre where many small plots are eventually woven together to tell a Big Story. Unfortunately, while it does eventually all make sense, it just isn't that entertaining on the road to getting there. The characters are just stupid, rather than being tragically and comically inept.

Annoyingly Bad

Movies you will be tempted to walk out of...

Hard Boiled: John Woo directs Chow Yun Fat. What could be so bad? A terrible plot, and almost comic quantities of bullets and blood coupled with really badly dubbed in English. It's not at all clear how these two got from this movie to where they are today, but they must've learned fast!



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