Channel Islands Diving

Some photos from our Truth Aquatics Channel Island Live Aboard

International divers Bob and Dave are suiting up in the Channel Islands...

It's a dangerous mission, but our boys are not afraid! With dry suits, we are comfortable wearing no hoods and with light gloves.

The International "Diver OK" hand signal. Note the International "Diver Having Fun" grin behind that reg...

The grin is still there, and now we have a wave too!

You can't tell here, but we had 60 feet of visibility in this kelp forest. It was glorious!

We've taken this trip twice and had a ball both times. Accomodations are not luxurious--more akin to camping than yachting or cruising--but the food is excellent, the company is friendly, and the diving is great if you like cold water diving.

All material 2001-2006, Robert W. Warfield.