Chevy Suburban

Right. It's a TRUCK. At one time, I thought I wanted to see this thing heavily pimped out. You know, thumping stereo, lowered, tint, and all that cool citified truck kinda stuff. Somewhere along the way, I discovered, it's a truck, not a hot rod. With all due respect to truck customizers, I think it's a mistake to make a truck too nice. I use this thing for hauling, for camping, and for scuba diving. It's an excellent work machine for that purpose, but those things put wear on it that is just incompatible with the idea of a great big Ego Machine. And let's face it, I have other vehicles that serve in that role. I also like the idea of doing some off-roading in conjunction with the camping gig. I've been down to the Hollister Recreational Area to check out the 4WD action. One thing that's clear is that driving off-road is also incompatible with keeping a gorgeous finish and all the other cosmetics. Sometimes you hit a rock. At the very least, the thing gets filthy dirty.

Because of all this, I have dropped my original plans. I bought the Suburban in a mildly customized state, the work having been done by California Concepts. It boils down to a few simple amenities: Alpine GPS & stereo system. Dual exhaust. Air dam. Front grill. Custom Centerline wheels and mud tires. PIAA bullet lights all around. It looks good. The quality of the Cal Concepts work is mediocre, however. Their chrome exhaust tips rusted up almost immediately. I'm sure the salt water air exposure of scuba diving didn't help, but that seemed awfully fast to have a problem. I'd like to fix the tips, put a lift kit on, get a huge Ruenel bumper, and a winch on this thing. Maybe a big safari rack with lights on top too. That'd make it a pretty awesome tow/camping/scuba vehicle.

Maybe someday I'll get a car trailer for taking cars to the track, a couple jet skis, and some ATV's to tow behind this thing. I've also started to look at Hummers a little bit, but that has to wait for the stock market to recover.

Meanwhile, it's just a truck.

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