Christmas 2001: Christmas Eve

We visited Dad in the hospital...

He was so happy to hear he's going to get out Christmas day!

I've stayed in hotels that weren't as nice as Dad's hospital room...

Now We Prepare the Christmas Eve Feast!

It's Momma Meatballs!

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble...

Helen, my Russian sister-in-law, making her awesome Pelmyni sauce. See that whole head of garlic that's been peeled?

Heh, heh...

Now it's Time to Eat!

The Full Spread!

Christmas Eve Menu

Sweet and Sour Meatballs

Russian Pelmyni w/ Sour Cream Cheese Board by Chef Joel Robuchon:

Vacherin du Haut Doubs - Mont d'Or


Bonde de Gatine

Bleu des Causses


Brie de Meaux

Fruit Tray : Pears, Grapes, & Melon


Relish Tray of Kalmata Olives, Spanish Olives, & Pepperoncini

Mixed Nuts

Handmade Butter Cookies

Russian Christmas Cake

See's Nuts & Chews Chocolate Candy

Bollinger Special Cuveé Champagne

Let's Go Around the Buffet and See What's There!

The Cheese Board from was spectacular! I've never had better Brie...

Served with an array of fruit and gourmet crackers...

In the warm food category, my mother's sweet and sour meatballs are fabulous!

Helen's Russian Pelmyni dumplings with an indescribably potent garlic, onion, and sour cream dipping sauce.

I love my Russian sister-in-law!

The veggie and fruit end of the spectrum...

Champagne, and a bottle of d'Yquem we didn't make it to...

A wee drop of the Nog, anyone?

A Russian Christmas Tree Cake. Very tasty!

Did I mention I love my Russian sister-in-law? Yummy!

Somebody worked hard hand decorating butter cookies!

The Master will pour champagne, and then you can all eat!

And on to Christmas Day...
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