Millenium House Original Plans             

We started with a very nice 4000+ square foot Spanish style home. We'd lived there for about 7 years. Chronic problems with a leaky deck required us to do some serious overhauling. That, coupled with a nice windfall from sale of Integrity QA Software, allowed us to embark on the fateful remodeling path.

What was our plan when we set out to remodel?

  •   Fix the leaky roof and deck.
  •   Make the house more contemporary in feel.
  •   Add a home theater.
  •   Add garage space. See Bob's car obsession.
  •   Create a hobby space.
  •   Create an office for Bob and Kathy.
  •   New furniture. We were living with things leftover from college days.

We thought we could get by with just an Interior Designer, some touching up, and some new furniture. Little did we know...

What really happened?

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