The Work In Progress

Pictures of the work in progress...

We took what had been a perfectly nice house down to bare studs and plywood and then rebuilt it.  It wasn't quite the 6 million dollar man, but it was close.

Family Room Entertainment Cabinetry and Fireplace...

Our family room under construction. It's 75% complete here. You can see the maple cabinets for the entertainment center, the Bruck track for lights on the ceiling, and the partially complete fireplace. Note all the wires coming out at the bottom. Those 12 miles of wire had to go somewhere!

Here's the kitchen as a work in progress.  You can see where the big SubZero fridge will go.  The range and hood are behind the ladder.  The opening in the island is for a 2-drawer under cabinet refrigerator for drinks.  The contractor has wrapped cabinets in paper to protect the maple.

The home theater, or at least the rear of it.  You can see the Roche Bobois half-round cabinet (wrapped in plastic) where the equipment will be housed.  A Mid-Atlantic rack is sitting out.  The ebony and cherry pilasters are also just visible, although very dusty.  Between the pilasters will go acoustic panels.  The wires hanging from the ceiling are for the Electrohome projector.

Even the driveway was completely regraded and redesigned to allow more parking and easier turnaround.

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