Wine Cellar & Limestone Bath

Step into the wine cellar. It's located directly across from the Dining Room, next to the stairs down to the Home Theater. It's warmly lit, in order to create a cozy inviting feel for those who want to commune with the fruits of the vine stored within. This cellar has a capacity of about 400 bottles. I tend to keep things that are ready to drink here, and rely on the refrigerator-type units down in the garage for wines that are still too young to be touched.

The racking and cabinetry is maple throughout, while the floors, walls and ceiling are upholstered with leather. The leather creates a fine warm feeling, softens the acoustics so the room doesn't feel too close, and is kinder to a dropped bottle than limestone would be. Because this is a low traffic area, there will be no issue with wear on the leather at all. You can also see the cooling system for the cellar. The compressor is outside, so there's little noise from it, and it ensures the bottle's slumber is a peaceful and productive one.

At the far end of the cellar is an area to store glassware or decant a bottle. I also keep a box of Cuban cigars here, since wine cellar conditions are also optimal humidor conditions.

Interspersed with the regular rackage are a few pockets for Jereboams and the like. They are so festive for party occasions, and look great in the cellar too. Here we see a bottle of Dominus, my favorite Cabernet awaiting the right special occassion.

Below are bins too. You can see the golden nectar of Chateau d'Yquem awaiting an appropriate feast. I keep every bottle tagged and entered in my inventory system.

Bottles are kept group by types: Whites, Cabernets/Bordeaux's, Merlots, Zinfandels, Meritages, and finally the Port and dessert wines. We also keep quite a lot of champagne.

The cabinets below are used to store wine still in crates and cases, as well as the other essentials such as the bottle of nitrogen shown here. You can see here how the leather continues right down onto the floor.

The ceiling is a curved barrel, with warm indirect lighting. The leather is joined in irregular curves, giving the room a warm organic feel that is at once more contemporary and fresh than the tired cliche of the faux moldy cave walls seen in so many cellars.

Limestone Bath

The limestone guest bath is a large bathroom on the other side of the theater stairs from the wine cellar.

It's dominated by a large vanity topped with a beautiful slab of Morrocan Fossil Slate. An art fixture known as "Free Willy" adorns the sink.

A closer look at "Free Willy"

And still closer...

Detail of one of the two halogen fixtures flanking the vanity mirror.

The quality of the sunburst motif limestone masonry is exquisite.

A shelf behind the mirror allows us to display a few surprises. A wall of cabinets provides a place for all those little things that don't seem to go anywhere else such as gift wrapping supplies.

A close-up of the fantastic fossils embedded in the slate. The large snail-like animal on the left is a geode with internal crystallization.

Right outside the bathroom door are the steps up to the hot tub deck, so this bathroom is also a convenient changing room and place to rinse after the hot tub.

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