Mercedes E430

The Wife's car. For years she drove a beat up Ford Taurus SHO. She really enjoyed ribbing me about my expensive car fetish while driving her old faithful. Unfortunately it was eventually unfaithful. Like most women who encounter infidelity, she dumped it like a last year's fish as soon as it became a problem. Suddenly it was time to replace the Taurus. What to buy? Her short list included the Mercedes, BMW 5-series, and Lexus. She definitely did not want a sport-ute--it had to be a 4-door sedan with room for the kids and all the conveniences.

The Mercedes has turned out to be a very nice car. It is surprisingly agile, which is not an attribute I associate with Mercedes (my pet name for them is "Panzerwagon"). I can imagine the E55 would be the kind of car I would really sink my teeth into. As it is, I don't mind a bit when she asks me to drive her car.

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