Mercedes SL600

These are great cruising cars.  The V-12 is so smooth it feels like the car is propelled forward by an electric motor--a very powerful 389 HP electric motor.  If you have a long commute this car will melt away the tensions. There's very little wind with the deflector up, and it's great cruising around Northern California with the top down. At the same time, the hard top and bulletproof Mercedes engineering makes it completely practical to drive in the rain.

The SL600 feels slightly faster than a BMW 540 I used to own, but the car is so cushy it is a little hard to tell.  It would benefit greatly from some suspension tightening to make it a little more fun.  The full RennTech engine treatment would be awesome, and supposedly takes this car into Ferrari 355 territory on acceleration.  When the new SL's come out with the active suspension of the S500, they should be awesome!

I've got two sets of wheels for the car--a cool set of Opera Design modular wheels that really freshen the look and the original factory alloy wheels. Aside from tuning the suspension, I'd like to see the car get a better stereo. The Blaupunkt factory unit just doesn't rock as well as aftermarket units. There's plenty of room in the car to go the whole hog custom stereo route, so maybe it'll happen one day.

My biggest problem with the car--it's Red!  Since I've decided I want to only own Black cars, this places me in a quandary.  Do I sell, trade for a black car, or paint it?  I am on the waiting list for the new model SL's, but they won't be available in 12 cylinder for quite a while, if ever.  Decisions, decisions...

Other Mercedes I Have Owned...

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