On the Track

I occasionally take one or more of my babies to track events.  I'll probably stick to open tracks (just fast driving, not wheel to wheel competition) rather than real racing--I just want some fast fun.

Some friends organized an event for Thunder Hill every year, and I have attended twice.  Here is my super-cool racing outfit:

My Mike Doohan (Motorcycle World Champ) Helmet.

When not protecting my fragile brain, it is displayed in the main entry foyer of our house as "art".

Suited and booted: The Momo Nomex driving outfit

If you really want to see some guys who've gone over the top racing cars, check out www.nsxfiles.com.  If you would personally like to buy a cool race car, visit Fantasy Junction in the SF Bay Area.  They always have some interesting ones.  

My Racing Career

The Events:

   Thunderhill, 1999

   Thunderhill, 2000

   Skippy School, 2000

It's very hot at Thunderhill, especially in a Nomex driving suit. I provide an awning for my fellow racers here. Audi TT we drove is in the background. I'm the one in red.



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