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5-Stars: It doesn't get any better!

4-Stars: Watch repeatedly. Share with others.

Desperate Measures

Mission Impossible 2

October Sky: Good chick flick

Biloxi Blues: Hilarious. I love Walken.

Enemy of State: Excitement, Gene Hackman, Will Smith

Cheech & Chong's Up in Smoke: College Humor

Animal House: More College Humor

Any Eastwood Spaghetti Western

Gladiator: Epic, yet long

A Bridge Too Far

Saving Private Ryan: Very intense!

Thief: James Caan's best flick. Awesome Tangerine Dream sound track.

Blackhawk Down: Intense Private Ryan style war movie.

Johnny Mnemonic: Cool sci-fi flick. Sci fi audiences only, though.

Shaft: He's cool, uh huh.

As Good As It Gets: A chick flick, but a good one for guys too.

Kill Bill, Both Episodes: I dunno why, but I was glued through both. Quentin T. touches the sick mind in all of us.

Once Upon A Time in Mexico: Same deal as Kill Bill. Slightly less quirky, but not much.

Shrek: A fantastic animated comedy.

Van Helsing: My favorite of the Comic Book genre. I loved the Vampire king character.

3-Stars: Watch once in theater, once as a rental, then discard.

Batman: Keaton is definitely quirky enough to be this guy.

Starship Troopers: Pretty gorey bug movie

Suicide Kings: Quirky and intense. I love Walken.

Usual Suspects: A puzzle, who is Kaiser Sosa? Hint: Isaac Asimov knows. Who was the mule?

Red Violin: Odd chick flick w/ guy interests. Worthwhile give up when you need a chick flick.

Shrek 2: Still good, but not as good as Shrek.

Spiderman: Yeah, these are okay, not fantastic.

2-Stars: Enjoyable if rented, not owned or in theater.

Spawn: Good special effects.

The Long Good Friday: Very 70's.

Taxi Driver: A long and disturbing movie.

Snow Dogs: An okay movie with the kids.

Bad Movies

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