De Tomaso Pantera

The Pantera in Aspen

And here it is in the Grand Tetons

I take a lot of ribbing for this car because nobody has seen it--including me.  I bought it from a very nice gentleman in Colorado who had spent years making it a show car.  Since I didn't get to see the car, I had the nice folks at Pantera Performance give it the once over.  They pronounced it a healthy specimen, but then we got to talking about fixing a few things, and maybe putting on some new wheels, etc., etc.  The bottom line is I don't know when I'll actually see this car, but it sure will be cool when it gets here!

Details on this car and other Panteras I have known...

    History of this car

    Specifications #1: The car as I bought it.

    Specifications #2: Work done since.

    Car Shows: Awards the car has won.

    Other Panteras I Have Known


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