Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby, Part 2

The races, like all the other big Cub Scout meetings, where held at the local Soquel High School. Bobby was fortunate to win 2 heats with his car. Next time, we'll try a few more tricks and maybe we'll move up in the rankings.

Here's our den mother, Kathy...

The track is being readied. Cars run down it by force of gravity from the ramp on the right. It's a straight drag race.

Bobby checks his car in with the judges. They are weighed, and inspected for conformance with the rules before a number is assigned. Bobby was number 14.

Once registered, cars go to an impound area known as the "Garage".

All participants receive a ribbon, and a patch for their uniform.

First, a test run is made to ensure the track is functioning in good order.

Bobby's car is on lane 3 for this first race.

It finished second, as we can see here.

Here, it is in first place, on lane 1, for a subsequent race. This is the first heat he won. Bobby is there in the orange shirt next to his friend Aaron.

He was really excited to win this heat!

The 4 contenders usually sit right down by the finish line to watch...

Bobby's Ferrari Flame 16 is on lane 2 this time. These cars are very close.

Bobby's friend Aaron is watching his race...

Aaron's car is in lane 4...

Bobby has just won his second heat!

The winning photo is almost too blurry to make out. The Flame 16 is in lane 2 this time.

Bobby is on deck for another race.

Here is is, being slotted onto the track.

Here they go. Flame 16 is very close to the front in lane 1 there.

The judges didn't see it that way, so, the Flame 16 was eliminated and sent back to the garage. But don't worry, we'll be back next year faster than ever!

A Good Time Was Had By All!

All material 2001-2006, Robert W. Warfield.