1997 Porsche Turbo S

The Saga of how I bought this car

What's a Turbo S?

The Turbo S is a limited production (175) run of 993 Twin Turbos.  They represent the last of the air-cooled 911's Porsche made, and the most powerful.  They have the following changes over a basic 993TT:

   A little more engine power--about 25HP.  It isn't really noticeable.

   Yellow brake calipers instead of red.  I actually would've preferred red as the yellow is just a tad garish.

   Different front spoiler with brake cooling ducts, front oil cooler, and Carbon fiber shock tower brace in front boot.

   Carbon fiber interior with aluminum face guages.

   Leather everywhere.  Normally not all surfaces would be leather.  Some would be vinyl, and some plastic.  This car even has the individual air vent louvers hand covered in leather.

   Carbon fiber door sills.

   Turbo S whale tail with fresh air scoops, and brake scoops in rear fenders.

   Quad round exhaust tips instead of 2 ovals.  This has always looked quirky. One of the few styling differences where the car doesn't look better than the basic 993TT.

   Lots of Turbo S badges everywhere.

This car has one of the most beautiful interiors of any car I've ever seen, and goes like crazy.  I'd have to say it is my favorite of cars, despite a few styling quirks, and a sense it may be "over the top".  In fact, I liked it so well that I bought a '96 Turbo that I could drive the wheels off of while preserving this car from such abuse. I recently sold that car, having tapered down my lust for driving these things to manageable levels. The truth is, traffic has gotten bad enough that I wait for really nice days to bring the turbo out. They're very nice to drive in a trafficky commute, but that misses the point, now doesn't it?


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