The Rogue's Gallery

I once owned a Fiat Spyder I paid $400 for. Great car!

The Unabridged List of Cars I Have Owned:

  1. Mercury Comet.  Straight 6, 3-speed manual, brown.  Yuck!
  2. 1972 Ford Mustang.  Notchback, 302, dual exhaust, white with blue stripes.  This car was nicknamed Hamurabi for obscure reasons.  Bought with my own money earned at a part-time job--$1500.  Cool!
  3. 1979 Ford Mustang.  5 liters, fastback, Michelin TRX wheels and tires.  White, burgundy velour interior.  Almost new when my parents surprised me with it as sort of a college graduation gift.  Thanks guys!
  4. 1984 BMW 530i.  White, red leather.  Brand new.  I was the CEO of my first startup when I got this car.  Felt like I was on top of the world. Very cool!
  5. Fiat Spider.  Orange, dented fender, poor cosmetics, ran good.  Paid $400 for it.  Occasionally considered abandonment when it pissed me off.  Fun to drive on Marin County back roads. Car was perfectly balanced with respect to power, brakes, and handling. Bought during a "bad" financial spell.
  6. Toyota MR-2.  White/black, with t-top and all the options.  This was my second new car.  It was tons of fun to drive around the back roads of Marin County, and the best handling car I'd owned to that point.  I burned up my first set of tires in 6000 miles and learned that low polar moment of inertia means easy to spin as I did a 360 on Lucas Valley Road.
  7. Brown Pantera.  My first true exotic and the realization of a childhood dream.  
  8. Mercedes/AMG 500 SEC.  The ex-Olivia Newton John car.  My coolest exotic to this point.
  9. 1985 Porsche Turbo S.  Factory slantnose w/ hot engine.  Whoa!
  10. Shelby 427 Cobra.  Red w/ white racing stripe.  This was a Contemporary kit, with a real 427 side oiler, dual carbs, and 4-speed top loader.  The car had Dove aluminum heads, and was quite a handful.
  11. 1988 Lamborghini Countach 5000 Quattrovalve.  A drop-dead gorgeous black and vanilla cream car.  Perhaps the prettiest car I've ever owned.  Wickedly fast with the European exhaust, and it sounded fabulous.  It also stranded me 6 times in the 2000 miles I put on the car and taught me about "Italian Moments."  Someday, I'll own another.
  12. Ferrari Boxer Convertible.  This weird, but beautiful car was made over into a spider by Lorenser in Germany.  It had a power operated rollbar, and plexiglass engine cover.  It sounded pretty, and was fun to drive, but not very fast.  I've had so many Ferrari dealers tell me that Boxers are "real hotrods". Yeah right! It had the least wind buffeting of any convertible I've ever been in because the windshield was raked so steeply it went right over your head.
  13. 1988 Porsche Turbo Cabriolet.  A red beasty that gave me years of driving pleasure before I souped it up to insane levels of power.  Two of my friends and one stranger have owned the car since.
  14. 1996 Ferrari Testarossa.  A gorgeous black-black car with Speedline modular 5-spoke wheels, custom and hidden radar detector. The car was originally purchased by Apple's Mike Markula board member--the guy that tossed Steve Jobs out. Ultimately got rid of it for two reasons--it started to have the occasional Italian moment, and it just wasn't that fast. This seems to be a curse of Ferraris. You really had to rev it all the time to get much from it. Handling was also questionable, and I managed to do a 180 unintentionally on a winding road I hadn't thought I was going that fast on. If you ask me, these cars only look good in black. The design is actually pretty ungainly. The traditional Ferrari Red, or worse yellow, really make them look awkward. Black cleans them up considerably.
  15. 1997 BMW 540i.  Montreal Blue/Sand.  Bought to replace the Mercedes 500 SEC.  Was replaced itself by the RennTech/Mercedes S500.  Wonderful car.  Drove well with just the right amount of pep and handling to be an almost-sportscar.  BMW really knows how to build this kind of thing.
  16. 1997 Porsche Turbo S.  1 of 175.  The last of the air-cooled Porsches, and the most powerful.
  17. 1994 Mercedes SL 600.  Red/black.  A nice cruiser.  The engine is so smooth it feels like an electric motor.
  18. 1996 Porsche Turbo.  Black/black.  Everyone should own two twin turbo Porsches! Sold to my contractor, Kevin O'Neil because I wasn't driving it enough to justify owning two.
  19. 1998 Chevrolet Suburban.  Blue/tan.  A utility vehicle...
  20. 1999 Audi TT.  Modern art that's fun to drive.
  21. 1999 Ferrari F355 Spyder F1 Serie Fiorano.  Definitely Italian! This was the first Ferrari whose performance has satisfied me. The paddle shifter is one of the greatest innovations ever in a car. Sadly, I've had to sell it due to the down stock markets.
  22. 2000 Mercedes/RennTech S500.  Teutonic surgical steel filled with New Millennium technology.


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