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Robert W. Warfield is born in Lubbock, Texas.  
June 3, 1966: I'm 5 years old, and I remember getting up very early with my father to watch the Gemini launch that resulted in the "Angry Alligator". The Agena rocket they were practicing docking with would not release the nose cone shroud. We were living in the house on Shandon at that time, which was my mother's favorite house.
Robert W. Warfield graduates Robert E. Lee High School.  
Robert W. Warfield graduates Rice University, BA Computer Science.  
August, Ric Clark comes to CA to visit.  
December 31st: First Millenium Party. House is really done!


Started flying lessons with Steve Blackwell.

January, 2001: Bob is 40 years old. Kathy throws a birthday party that's done as a mock wake. There's a coffin in the corner and I receive gifts like Depends, Denture products, and Viagra. Great fun was had at Southern Exposures.  

June, 2001

Spent the month touring the Caribbean in Steve Elefant's Piper Navajo.

8/1/01: Kathy turns 40, has 2 birthday parties in one week!


Decided Peerlinq, the Enterprise Metacomputer company was the right idea. Started thinking about while in Santa Fe, and pondering the Santa Fe Institute. At the same time, I got word my old partner Steve Kahn will be retiring to Seattle.


Bob's Hot Rod PC project started.

9/20-9/24: Ric Clark visit


Robert G. Warfield & Wilma Gawthrop marry.

Tuesday, September 11

Terrorists attack the World Trade Center and the Pentagon by crashing hijacked jetliners into them. The stock market, already reeling from a recession, is clubed to the ground.

Friday, September 22

Decided not to pursue founding a startup, but rather to look for a job. The idea being that the economy is likely to be doing well again by 2003, the government is likely to overstimulate, and that therefore I wanted to hit the 2003 "window". This means finding a company doing at least $10M/year so that it can be well positioned by 2003.

Sunday, September 23

Started mailing out contact letters to recruiters, venture capitalists, and executive contacts, to get the word out I'm looking for a position. Got immediate responses on a Sunday from Bruce Dunlevie and Philippe Kahn. There's a reason why these guys got ahead!

Wednesday, September 26

First interview of the search: Centerbeam.

October 1: First Bridgespan interview.

October 10: First Callidus interview.

Monday, October 15: Dad in hospital for angiogram.

Tuesday, October 16: Dad undergoes quintuple bypass surgery.

Friday, October 19: Decided to sell Millenium House.

Wednesday, October 24: Signed Grace Mundy to list house.

Thursday, November 15: Accepted position with Callidus. Job search required approximately 2 months from start to finish.

Saturday, November 18: Watched Leonids meteor shower.


Monday, December 3: First day of work at Callidus.

Tuesday, December 25: Christmas!


July: Trip to London and Bari, Italy with boss Reed Taussig.

Friday, August 16: Another Cozumel Trip!


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