Why are they all black?

Actually, they aren't all Black, at least not yet.  Still, I like black the best and hope to have an all black collection some day.  I've tried like the Devil to convince my wife this is the best choice for her car too, but she's having none of it.  A typical exchange goes something like this:

Bob:            You should get a black car, honey.

Kathy:          I don't like black, it's too macho.  I want a nice friendly looking car.

Bob:            What color dresses were most of the women wearing at that last party we went to?

Kathy:          Black, but that's beside the point.  They do it to look slimmer.

Bob:            That's exactly the point.  The car looks more svelte, the lines are better.

Kathy:          I don't like black.

Bob:            Sigh.

All material 2001-2006, Robert W. Warfield.