"If it goes fast, makes noise, and costs a lot of money, I'm interested in it." -- Bob Warfield

Airplanes certainly qualify in this category. My Dad had a pilot's license and Cessna 172, and I've set out on a path to take flying lessons on a couple of occasions. This third time, started Christmas of 2000, looks like it could result in a pilot's license being granted. Below are some pages I've put together reflecting my aviation exploits and interests to date.

Bob's Adventures as a Pilot

Pilot Training Journal, wherein I describe my training to become a pilot blow by blow.
The Month of Living Dangerously: Flying to Cuba?!?? My buddies and I spend an entire month bumming around the Caribbean in a Piper Navajo stopping in places like Cozumel, Grand Cayman, the Bahamas, and Cuba. The Aviator's Guide to the Caribbean may also be a useful resource to those wanting a similar experience.
Harris Ranch plus, a Wasp in the Cockpit. Two different trips for a tasty $100 Hamburger, one of which had more drama than most flights ought to.
Good morning Seattle Center...: An exciting flight to Seattle on my friend's Piper Navajo. Learn what its like for a student pilot to experience instrument flying conditions and icing.
General Aviation "Efficiency": General railings about why I'd rather get there in a 140 knot Cessna 182 than a 500 knot jet.
Local $100 Hamburger Opportunities: More happy excursions in a private plane in search of a perfect meal near small airports.
Airplanes I have flown: Everyone should keep a list...
The MiG Ride. Long ago in a galaxy far away, I flew a MiG-29...
Top Gun School. Where the best of the best go to get better...
Reno Air Races.
Watsonville Fly In. Just an all-around fun activity at my local airport.
Airplanes I covet...
Cirrus SR22: Current fave!
Cessna 182RG: What I can afford, maybe.
Commander: Plush, flyable, less than an SR22.
Socata TC-21 Trinidad: Much like the Commander.
Lancair Columbia 400: An even faster alternative to the SR22.
Stemme S-10: Very cool motor-glider.
Cessna 337 Skymaster/Riley Skyrocket: A good first twin.
Piper Navajo: A great travelling machine for 2 couples.
TBM 700: A very slick turboprop single.
Piper Cheyenne III: The right turboprop.
  Piaggio Avanti: Sophistication, wild looks, and great performance--an updated Beech Starship.
Mitsubishi MU-2: Smokin' kerosine burnin' deal!
L-39 Albatross: Fighter jock for a day.
Citation X: The ultimate personal aircraft.
Airplane Toys
  Bose X Aviation Headsets
  Garmin 295 Portable GPS

Yaesu Aviator portable transceiver

Microsoft Flight Simulator

King CDROM Ground School

Palm Pilot Exam Review


Jeppesen FlightStar

Other Useful Links
Kip's FAA Test Page is a great way to review for your written exam wherever you are. I try to stop and answer 10 questions several times a day.
Every pilot should belong to the AOPA. They have a good magazine, and many useful things on their web site.
All pilots are constantly interested in planes that are for sale. I prefer Aircraft Shopper Online to Trade-A-Plane, but both are good.
Mountain Flying is a cool web site written by some corporate pilot types that discusses the ins and outs of mountain flying. There is some excellent information on the Citation X jet as well.
  My CFI's home site

Saw this guy flying around Scotts Valley one day in 2002...

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