Paradise Island, Bahamas

Paradise Island is immediately adjacent to Nassau, in the Bahamas. Its a rather upscale area, and is where all of the newer resort hotels are located. This segment marked a big change in the flavor of the trip for me, because Kathy and the kids were meeting me here. We had selected Atlantis as our resort, and it too is quite a bit different than any of the other places we'd stayed up until this point.

Getting to the Bahamas from Grand Cayman requires us to overfly Cuba. Overflight clearance is a routine thing for the Cuban air controllers, and they hand off to Miami Center just as though there's no problems between the two countries at all. You do need to flight plan well enough so they know what time you'll be buzzing through, however.

Here is Nassau, from our aerial chariot. It's quite colorful, though much more populous than a similar view of Amergris Caye!

Here we are on a long final approach to the airport.

And now we're closer to touch down. You can see there's a jet that's just taken off from the other runway. The airport is sort of triangular.

Our favorite FBO, Millionair, has an office here, so naturally this is where we want to do business. It was a very nice FBO, with folks to help with baggage and call the shuttle bus.

Steve went on to see some smaller out islands at this point, so I was on my own the first day or two until Kathy and the kids arrived.

Looks like we've got about 4 cruise ships in town this day. This was the most I saw on any of the days where I could see them. We're crossing the big bridge from Nassau onto Paradise Island.

The taxi, incidentally, is a Mercedes Minivan, which is not a vehicle I'd ever seen before.

Our destination, of course, is Atlantis...


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