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2008 to Present, Mountain View, CA

Executive Vice President of Products. Responsible for delivering the user experience through engineering, operations, and product management. More news after I've been there awhile!


Callidus Software

2001 to 2007, San Jose, CA

CTO and Senior Vice President of Research and Development. Responsible for all Engineering at Callidus, the market leading vendor of On-premise and On-demand Enterprise Incentive Management software. Organization of 80 included development, QA, and docs. Participated in all aspects of product development, design, and vision for the product line. Took the company's products, strategy, and positioning from pre-public part of the pack to an IPO'd undisputed market leader. Made CTO presentations to customers in over $36 million in successful sales cycles. Handled level 2 and 3 support escalations. Built 3 of the company's 4 major releases of TrueComp. Expanded product line from TrueComp and reporting to include a business process/workflow product and an analytics offering. Developed the company's rule based grid computing positioning and competitive strategy. Delivered the technology that enabled the company to enter the OnDemand/SaaS market with the same product, and to develop a series of Web 2.0-based products.


iMiner /

1998 to 2001, Campbell, CA.

Executive Vice President of Products and Services, CTO. Co-founded a startup in the e-commerce infrastructure space that developed a proprietary textual data mining system. This system was used to analyze buying patterns on eBay and other auction sites to allow optimized listings of retail merchandise on these dynamically priced exchanges. The company secured a number of top-tier retail clients including Sharper Image, West Marine, and Good Catalogs. Responsible for all product and content development, product marketing, product management, company strategic direction, and business model. Technology sold to eBay. PriceRadar had to scale for massive data volume. We processed all of eBay's auctions daily, and PriceRadar was the auction search partner for AskJeeves for whom we had infrastructure to handle 10,000 simultaneous users of the service.


Rational Software

1997 to 1998, Cupertino, CA.

Vice President of Research and Development. Joined PureAtria as part of Integrity acquisition to serve as the Vice President of R&D for the Software Testing Business Unit, reporting to the General Manager. Pure Atria was then acquired by Rational where I continued to manage software development for the Test Factory (Integrity QA technology) automated QA testing system.


Integrity QA Software

1996 to 1997, Campbell, CA.

Vice President of Research and Development, CTO. Co-founded a venture-backed startup that developed an automated software-testing tool based on proprietary genetic algorithm software. The product created an entirely new category in the software testing market. Conceptualized product, built a team of 12, and managed them through alpha test. Based on customer feedback from the alpha tests, Integrity was acquired after less than a year of operation by Pure Atria (now Rational) software for $43.5 million.



1995 to 1996, Santa Cruz, CA.

Vice President of Desktop Development. Responsible for startup of an Oracle product development organization to be focused on creating world class Windows products. Responsible for proposing products, specification, hiring, and all other aspects of the effort. Reported to Senior Vice President Jerry Baker.



1994 to 1995.

Consultant. Served as a consultant for many startup companies and venture capital funds. Assisted startups in refining their visions and adding process to their development programs. Assisted venture capitalists in evaluating business plans and doing technical diligence investigations. Worked with funds such as Kleiner Perkins, Mayfield, Mohr Davidow, and Benchmark.


Louis H. Borders New Media Ventures

1993 to 1994, Palo Alto, CA.

General Partner, Vice President of Systems. One of four general partners of the venture capital fund. Responsible for refining the business concepts, selecting appropriate business plans for investment, and monitoring the performance of the portfolio companies. Also responsible for staffing, architecture, and management of a project to create a complete electronic retail system that included CD-ROM multimedia catalog, online access, and a complete client/server Backbone to manage all aspects of the business.


Borland International

1988 to 1993, Scotts Valley, CA.

Senior Vice President of R&D. Responsible for all product development at Borland. Departments included Engineering, Quality Assurance, and Publications with a total of over 350 employees. Joined Borland when they acquired Surpass. Took overall development responsibility during a major restructuring and workforce reduction. Maintained high morale with low attrition and kept products such as Quattro Pro for Windows 5.0 on schedule. Re-engineered and standardized development practices to make reductions in R&D expenditures one of the most important expense reductions of the restructure. During this time I was directly responsible for shipping 3 releases of Quattro Pro for Windows, Paradox for Windows 1.0, 5 releases of Quattro Pro for DOS, dBase for Windows, and numerous other products. Reported to CEO and Sr. Vice President of Products.


Surpass Software

1984 to 1988, Novato, CA.

CEO and President. Wrote business plan, raised venture capital, founded, and managed all aspects of a PC software company employing 30. Chief architect for all products including a Modula-2 compiler (M2SDS), an integrated spreadsheet/word processor/database (Farsight), and Surpass, a 1-2-3 compatible spreadsheet that received critical praise from the industry press. Managed the company to profitability before Borland later acquired this technology and team and released the Surpass product as Quattro Pro. Borland sold $100M+ of the product in its first year.


22 years of executive experience with software and Internet companies from early startup to industry-behemoth stage managing organizations ranging from 6 to 350. Founded 3 startups. Run from startup stage through acquisitions and IPOs. Holder of 9 patents. Responsible for product and business model conception, positioning, technology, architecture, and hiring. Built many world-class teams that have successfully delivered millions of lines of state-of-the-art code, much of it for products that experts said "couldn't be built". Products have won scores of awards. Responsible for numerous innovative marketing and creative ideas. Supported sales and helped close large enterprise accounts and strategic relationships. Participated in many merger and acquisition transactions both as the acquirer and the acquiree.

Strong sales capability. Made direct CTO presentations to customers that resulted in over $36 million in successful sales cycles during my tenure at Callidus selling to Global 2000 CxO's. Have raised nearly $20 million in early stage venture capital money for 3 startups.

Development methodologies led to a paper published by AT&T Labs researcher James Coplien in June 1994 showing the Quattro Pro for Windows team had the highest productivity they had measured as part of their Pasteur project to understand software development productivity. The paper was entitled, "Borland Software Craftsmanship: A New Look at Process, Quality and Productivity." Today, this approach is widely used under terms such as Extreme Programming (XP), Agile Programming, and Scrum.

Detailed understanding of a wide range of technologies including:

  Enterprise-grade high-volume high-availability software both On-premise and On-demand

  Distributed software and Databases

  Grid computing

  OnDemand / Saas / SOA architectures

  E-commerce infrastructure and ERP

  Business Intelligence, Reporting, Portals, and Analytics

  Enterprise Application Integration including Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), Web Services, and ETL-based approaches

  Internet and related technologies including Web 2.0 technologies and AJAX.

  Data Mining, including Full-text Retrieval

  Genetic Algorithms

  User Interface Design

  Business Process and Workflow

  Software Development Process and Productivity


May 1983. Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science, Rice University.

February 1984. Graduate Studies in Computer Science and Business Administration, Rice University. Completed all requirements for PhD except thesis.

Published Articles

  Software Business Online

  Software Business Executive Report Newsletter

Software Platforms

  Java, J2EE (WebLogic, WebSphere, and JBOSS), .NET, VB, C++, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Actuate, Business Objects, Hyperion Essbase, NT, Solaris, AIX, HP/UX, Linux, SAP "Powered By" NetWeaver.

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