Bobs Hot Rod PC Project

aka Bob is assimilated by his Borg Cube...

After looking at all the amazing custom PC's and reading through sites like [H]ardOCP about overclocking, IDE RAID arrays, water-cooled CPU's, and such, the tempation became too great. Bob would have to build his own Hot Rod PC. It's like the Tim Allen Tool Time/Craftsman Tool addiction for a digital gearhead instead of a grease monkey. These pages chronicle this ill-advised adventure.

The Borg Cube is Diabolical!


1.4 GHz, 1 GB RAM, IDE RAID Array, GeForce3,...

Unassimilated YY Cube Case

Cutting Fan Holes

Cutting Window Hole


Making it Run Windows XP


As usual, you learn everything by doing, and the first time you don't do it well. In this section you can see what I learned. Maybe you can avoid my mistakes your first time out.

Hey wait, Bob's cube is blue isn't it?

How fast is the cube, anyway?

The Borg Cube is never "finished", so what's next?

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