Mobile Drive Bays II

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Time for that 90 degree molex power harness!

I recommend ordering your expandable nylon sleeving from Action Electronics. You'll need 1/4" for the basic molex cables at $0.45 per foot and 1/2" for the heavy duty motherboard power cable at $0.77 per foot. This is MUCH cheaper than the over $2 a foot you'll pay most of the mod shops. You can get it for a similar (I think slightly higher) price from McMaster-Carr too.

There are two types of connecters. The first goes in the middle of the harness, the second goes at the end. These connecters are available from Digikey using the following parts numbers:

A14383-ND 770156-2 CONN PLUG 4POS 22AWG MATE-N-LOK AMP Division of TYCO 4 Plug (Ribbon Cable) 259

A14384-ND 770156-4 CONN PLUG 4POS 20AWG MATE-N-LOK AMP Division of TYCO 4 Plug (Ribbon Cable) 2356

A14385-ND 770156-3 CONN PLUG 4POS 18AWG MATE-N-LOK AMP Division of TYCO 4 Plug (Ribbon Cable) 1713

The covers feed thru is for middle of wire, end is for last connector. A25438-ND end cover A25439-ND thru cover. You need to decide which guage of wire (usually 18 guage) and whether you want a middle or end connector. I ordered the 18 awg versions rfom Digikey. They're pretty cheap, but beware. Digikey adds a $5 handling charge on orders under $25, so you may want to save up to order multiple parts.

Before picture: messy!

Before I forget, here's how the wires line up in the molex...

You go segment by segment, trial fitting each one to make sure the length is right. I just took one of the harnesses and cut the connectors off. First put on the nylon sleeve, then the heat shrink to hold it in place.

Just push the wires down into the connector with a flat screwdriver blade. The cap laying behind the connector snaps over top.

As you can see, the segments between drives are so short I just use heat shrink--no sleeve. Getting ready to solder on the last connector to power the floppy. Note I'm using two sizes of heat shrink. The little ones cover the solder joints to prevent shorts.

Which do you prefer--nice sleeved harness on right, or rat's nest on left?

Look how nice this harness looks with the mobile drive bays. Obviously I still have many others wires to clean up, but this is cool!

And another shot with the rounded IDE cables in. Very clean!

It's amazing how much cleaner this makes everything look. Why don't all power supplies come with a harness like this? I still need to get my floppy switched over to a rounded cable and do something about my DigitalDoc5, but this is looking pretty darned good.

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