Borgcube Benchmarks

aka Bob is assimilated by his Borg Cube...

So how fast is the fabulous Borgcube anyway? If you're gonna build a hot rod, you have to take it down to the local drag strip and get a time slip. You can do the same for your hot rod pc. For comparison, I've also run some benchmarks against the older 733 MHz Dell that the cube replaces. This Dell was the absolute pinnacle machine they sold when I bought it new about 2 years ago. My how time flies and benchmark numbers fall!

Perhaps the most staggering improvements are in the areas of video and hard disk. This is due in no small part to the technical wizardry behind the GeForce 3 chip set, my IDE RAID controller, and my IBM 60GXP Deskstar 7200 rpm drives. It's not real clear to me how my 1 GB of RAM is helping out here. Intuitively, it ought to make all sorts of things faster. I suspect most software is not yet written to take advantage of it, however. Running the system utilities I have, it appears never to be more than about 45% utilized. This leads me to believe that 512MB is plenty for today's software.

OTOH, the CD-ROM/DVD drive put in a pretty poor improvement showing even though I have a very expensive Plextor 16x10x40 drive in the cube. Oh well.

Dell 733 MHz Pentium Machine it Replaces
3DMark2001 6952 1628
SciSoft Sandra CPU Benchmark Dhrystone 3868 MIPS, Whetstone 1902 MFLOPS Dhrystone 1961 MIPS, Whetstone 969 MFLOPS
SciSoft Integer MMX Enh 7613 it/s, Floating-Point 3Dnow! 8654 it/s. Integer MMX Enh: 3927 it/s, Floating-Point 3Dnow! 4805 it/s.
SciSoft Sandra Drives Benchmark 39045 11445
SciSoft CD-ROM/DVD 2200 1681
SciSoft Int ALU/RAM Bandwidth 627 MB/s 311 MB/s
SciSoft FPU/RAM Bandwidth 742 MB/s 320 MB/s

Results from Cube is now at 6952! Older benchmark is still here, together with the 1628 my older Micron PC turns in.

Pretty good upgrade, eh? So why is it that Windows still takes so @*&$! long to boot up?

Fear the Cube!

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