Water-Cooled Borg Cube, Part 4:

Water Block Installation

aka Bob is assimilated by his Borg Cube...

We finished the block, and now its time to install it on my new Abit KD-7 mobo and Athlon 2400+ CPU. Pretty scary!

If anyone cares, here is my CPU's stepping. I hope its a good one!

It's a big chip, but wait until you see the block that sits on it!

I have nylon washers underneath the bolt heads on the mobo back side

I'm using a mica insulated shim to protect the chip from this great big beast of a water block's weight...

Time for some serious thermal paste...

Start with a glob on the block. This is probably too much. Block surface was cleaned beforehand with rubbing alcohol...

Using an X-acto knife, take a little dab from the block glob, and spread it evenly over the CPU core. Again, this is a pretty heavy application, maybe more than desired.

Now stick your finger in a plastic bag--fingers oils are bad for thermal paste! And, using the bag, spread the glob all around the contact area. Use both clockwise and counterclockwise circular motions.

Once you've spread the Arctic Silver, take a lint-free cloth and wipe it off! How can that be good? Well, it's what they recommend. You wind up with a thin silver film that just kind of dulls the finish of the copper. And yes, Virginia, copper turns black when it tarnishes, but you won't be able to see it under there now will you?

Ta da! Is that thing BODACIOUS or what?

There are little springs under each thumbscrew so that the weight of the block will evenly distribute. I tightened it quite a bit, but not so much that the spring coils had no space between 'em, else I would lose that load balancing effect.

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