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Point Lobos Diving

Long time diver friend Lori has taught me a lot of what I know...

Monterey Carmel Dive Planner

Learn how to pick the best site given prevailing wind and wave conditions.

Who We Dive With

Ocean Odyssey Dive Center : Our friendly local dive shop. Excellent courses, fair prices. They organize trips to places like Papua New Guinea and Roatan. They also operate a small boat called Xanadu. Check their site for schedules.
Cypress Charters: The main operator in Monterrey Bar for boat dives. They do an excellent job. The boats can get a little full sometimes. Nitrox available on board.
Truth Aquatics: I've been on 2 liveaboards with these folks. Boats are basic, not yachts, and depart Santa Barbara. It's a nice trip and some beautiful diving. Food is good country cooking, and there's LOTS of diving. I've done 5 dives in a day before on one of these trips.

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