Cayman Diving, February 2004

In February 2004, Callidus Software held its annual President's Day event in Grand Cayman. This would be my second trip to Grand Cayman diving. We used Fisheye as our dive operator again. This time around, I had a new Aquapix digital underwater camera, and we visited Cayman Brac. Here's the underwater photo album for that trip. We'll start in Cayman Brac.

Cayman Brac is a tiny little island you reach in a puddle hopper from Grand Cayman. We stayed at Cayman Brac Reef Resort, an all-inclusive which was excellent. There isn't much to do in Cayman Brac except dive and have quality time with your honey, so be sure those two things are on your agenda if you go there!

Day 1, Cayman Brac

We've just arrived in Cayman Brac and its too late in the day to dive. Rather than miss out entirely, Steve and I elect to snorkel around the beach area. These are the first photos I ever took with my Aquapix digital underwater camera, and you can see I'm still very much trying to get the hang of it!

Day 2, Cayman Brac

Now we're actually going to dive for the first time in Cayman Brac. It's very pretty, and similar in many ways to diving in Grand Cayman.

I've always wanted to be able to blow these bubble rings...

Edna and Steve...

How about black and white?

This filefish was a very accomodating model...

Lots of lobsters out and about!

A grouper having his teeth cleaned by a shrimp!

This grouper was very proprietary about this coral fan...

Nice dive, wasn't it guys?

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