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My cooking idol: Emeril Lagasse

As far as TV cooking shows go, Emeril is tops. He's got all the talent of a regular talk show host, the humor, the band, and he cooks great dishes that aren't that hard to make. His signature "Bam!", "Happy, happy, happy", and "Kick it up a notch" phrases are starting to turn up outside the show too, so he's developing a following. If you get a chance to eat in one of his restaurants, by all means take advantage. We went to Emeril's Fish House in Las Vegas, as well as his 'Vegas Delmonico's steak house and the food was fabulous. In New Orleans, I tried his NOLA restaurant, and it was fantastic. He will tend towards the spicier end of the spectrum, but it is definitely tamer than Thai food or hot Chinese, so don't be put off.

"Pork fat rules, baby!" -- Emeril Lagasse


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Our Wine Cellar: Ce Magnifique!

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My wife and I are somewhat divided on wine, although we both appreciate the other's choices. I'm hung up on the macho older Cabernets, while she likes flavorful spicy Zinfandels. My favorite is Dominus, hers would be the Turley Zins. Either way we can't lose!

Most of our wine was bought at a "ready to drink" age. This is definitely not the cheapest way to buy wine, but it kick starts your cellar without having to wait for ten years. I bought most of it at wine commune:, which is a wine auction site. I've ordered literally hundreds of bottles from there and was stiffed only once. My plan is to purchase a couple of wine fridges for the garage, and just keep the ready to drink in the cellar while the rest matures.

For table wine, we favor the local wineries. There are many excellent inexpensive wines available, and they provide us with wonderful weekend entertainment as well between their tastings and their winemaker's dinners.

A glass of wine, some wood fired pizza, and who needs "thou"? (Soquel Vinyards Tasting)

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Some Selected Resources...

Fromages: This is quite a site. Did you know blue cheese is made from lamb's milk and the blue veins are penicillin mold?

Joseph Schmidt Confections: Take a look at the Sculptures page--chocolate art!

Sphinx Date Ranch: I love dates and hear these are fabulous. I haven't gotten to try them yet.

Wine Commune: The online auction site where I've bought most of my wine.

WineZap: A wine shopping bot.

A Few Words About Tea...

"Ahh you British and your tea, your one indisputable contribution to western civilization."
Hugo Drax, James Bond Villain

You will need these ingredients:

Sticky Fingers Bakeries: Need fresh scones with your tea? Sticky Fingers black currant scones are the best, and super easy to make.

Tea Forte: Uniquely elegant tea. Try it! Great gift idea.

To produce this result:

A Princess Tea Party!

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