Cozumel From Below Sea Level: August 2004

This year Cozumel was a lot different underwater. Right after Francis hit Florida, a big tropical storm was headed for Cozumel and we feared it might turn hurricane. Fortunately, it fizzled out, but it surely left the currents stirred up. We didn't have our usual Cozumel conditions, and found ourselves having to kick against relatively strong currents more often than not. It settled down towards the end of the trip, and we still had a great time, but I think those currents also brought in some new critters. I saw, for the first time, Splendid Toadfish, Caribbean Reef Squid, and a Pipefish. In addition, we experienced Eagle Rays so tame they'd pass unhurried within ten feet, great nurse shark interactions (not so uncommon for Cozumel), baby file fish the size of your thumbnail that would hang vertically next to sea grass to hide, sea horses, and, and, and...

Unfortunately, precisely because of the currents, I didn't bring my camera on more than a single dive, and on that dive, the battery died as soon as I was in. Doh!

The pictures below were taken while snorkeling off Plaza Las Glorias, which is a really nice spot. They have a great pool, tasty snacks, and easy ingress and egress with nice reef life right along their shore. Highly recommended.

Everybody throws bread, so these guys mob you as soon as you get in!

You can't get real close to the shoreline tidal pools, and lots of fry are taking advantage of that protection...

Found a nice little moray peeking out...

Reef Squid--Very Cool!!!

Next Year: Isla Holbox?

The big news this year aboard the dive boat was that a number of people where going to visit the Isla de Holbox. When our divemasters said it, it sounded a lot like "Hogwash" to me, but I finally got the correct spelling. What's cool about it is whalesharks. The people we talked to saw 6 of them at a time at all times while they were out on the boats. You snorkel rather than dive, but it sounded fantastic. Prime time is July through end of August.

There's a couple of different ways to approach a Holbox expedition, but I like the idea of renting a car in Playa del Carmen to go there, and spending 1 night to see the whale sharks, or maybe 2 so as not to be rushed on the return. We'd do this as an addition to our Cozumel trip.

Holbox Site Links

  Interesting Rental House on Isla Holbox

  Isla Holbox Tourist Bureau Site: Talks about the whale sharks, and the available accomodations on the island.



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