Dennis the Menace Park

This place is every child's favorite park. I'm not certain how it came to be, but I understand Hank Ketchum (Dennis' creator) designed it. We had a very similar park in my home town of Midland, Texas. It too was a magical place that I remember well from my childhood. It was quite a ways from our house, so we only got to go there on a few special occasions. This particular park is located in Monterey, so my own children also only go there on special occasions.

Let's get moving on this tour--chop, chop!

There's a full size steam engine for kids to climb all over.

Artem isn't afraid of heights!

Over here, Laura!

Okay Bobby!

They have big slides here!

And big kids too!

Hey, give the little kids a chance too!

Hey, you're going the wrong way!

Houston, prepare for touchdown...

Faster Mommy!

I can fly!

Another cool slide!

Catch me if you can!

I am Monkey Boy!

No! I am Monkey Boy!

After a hard afternoon of play, we recommend ice cream sandwiches--delicious and nutritious!

Don't wake me, it's a pleasant dream...

All material 2001-2006, Robert W. Warfield.