Ferrari P4

So sexy, so voluptuous. There are supposed to be only 3 surviving P4's. One was recently sold to Craig McCaw's (cellular fortune) brother for a huge sum--many millions of dollars. I have never seen one in person, though they have been in my neighborhood at the Monterrey Historic Races and associated events. One has to wonder what life would've been like had Enzo Ferrari decided to offer the car in roadgoing trim? It would've been like Ford selling a few GT40's for the road, or even like the F40's and F50's of today. What a magnificent vehicle, if only it were more attainable. Lamborghini never would've made a splash with the mid-engined Miura had Ferrari taken this approach. Today, obtaining one of these cars is all but impossible. Even if you've got the money, the present owners don't need to sell. There are some interesting replicas running around, and most are even licensed for road use. In fact, some of the pictures below are of a replica. See if you can guess which ones.

I'm always amused to read an article extoling the beautiful curves of the Jaguar XK-E. The car looks like a grade-schooler's crude drawing next to real Italian curves. No offense to the Jaguar afficionados, but did the windscreen (proper brit terminology here) really have to be so bolt upright? It makes the coupe look downright silly. The lower lines of the body don't mesh well with the road either. Like they say in the movie, fughedaboudit!

For real curves I prefer the P4 and the 275 GTB/4, preferably the NART spyder. Even the Ferrari Dino 246 has wonderful curves that are a quantum leap in aesthetics over the Jaguar's. Take a look at these pictures and see if you don't agree.

Check out my photo-essay from the Monterey Historic Races for more P4 satisfaction...

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