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Looking ahead on the assembly checklist, I see the cam goes into the engine before the crank. Therefore, its time for me to make up my mind about what cam to use and get it ordered. I have a nifty piece of software called DynoSim that I'm using to evaluate different cams. It takes a bunch of engine parameters such as bore, stroke, rod length, airflow of the heads, compression ratio, and cam timing, and cranks out projected graphs of rpm versus HP and Torque. Here is a set of graphs for all the off-the-shelf roller cam grinds that Comp Cams offers for the 351C:

From my perspective, horsepower is good for bragging rights and torque is what you feel in the seat of your pants. You also want some grunt off the line, but you don't want the cam to pack up too early. I really like the look of the 270HR grind. It wins or is 2nd place all the way from the low end up to maybe 5000 rpm. It hangs in there decent even past 5000 for a little bit.

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