Lancair Columbia 400

The Lancair is everything most general aviation planes are not these days. It is composite when most are metal. It is blisteringly fast at 245 knots when it is extremely rare for a plane to break 200 knots. It is high tech in a world where most GA planes were designed before many of their pilots were born and certainly before they could fly. We're talking cutting edge of WWII technology for most of these birds, folks. It took me an awfully long time to get over this feeling that GA airplanes were antiquated, dingy old beasts that were slower than many of my cars and looked like Grandma's '55 Chevy with bigger tail fins (actually, Grandma didn't drive, but you get the picture). The Lancair, especially the IVP model, helped me to overcome this feeling. When I finally got to where I was excited even about a Cessna 172, I knew I was finally hooked and had to learn to fly. But I never lost my love of Lance Neibauer's unique aircraft.

Pretty lines, aye?

Cush interior too!

Panel with Side Stick. It's supposed to be easy to get used to the stick.

At the present, while I am working on my pilot's license, the Lancair must remain a dream. There are two problems. First, this is a lot more airplane than someone with my experience levels has any business flying. Second, the insurance companies know this only too well and I wouldn't be able to get insured. Nevertheless, I continue to look at them. Some day I'll have the hours, the experience, and the dollars to consider one of these birds more seriously. FYI, most of these pictures are of a Lancair 300. The 400 is just the 300 with a turbocharger.

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