Home Theater

The Home Theater is, as the French like to say, the Piece of Resistance (sic) for the whole Millenium House. It's a very special room, and one that visitors are inevitably drawn to. Of all the rooms in the house, only two deviate much from the overall theme: the Library and the Home Theater. These are rooms that don't exist for most houses, so they are the favorites of most visitors. Of the two, the Home Theater differs in decor by quite a bit more than the Library. The color scheme is completely changed. Whereas most of the house is composed of soothing earth tones in the form of limestone and maple, the Home Theater kicks it up a notch using cobalt blues, grays, black ebonized wood, and rich cherry. When we discussed what we wanted out of it with our interior designer, my instructions were to make it look sophisticated, like an exclusive Manhattan Night Club. I think she accomplished this very effectively.

Entry to the Theater is accomplished through a transitional space that we refer to as the Theater Foyer.

Theater Foyer

This view makes the Foyer seem rather narrow, but it doesn't have that feel. The little balcony on the right coupled with a mirror on the left really opens it up when you're standing there. Note the blue ringed fixtures above. A line of them carries the eye from the stairs to the Big Doors at the end. Part of The Theater Ritual is that we select the movie to watch here, and I make everyone a Cafe Latte or Cafe Mocha from the Espresso machine you see here:

Espresso Machine!


Lower Cabinetry & Theater Foyer Railing

A Nottebohm Adorns the Balcony, Adding a Brilliant Shock of Blue to the Space

The Nottebohm piece that hangs here is absolutely captivating, and never fails to stop the procession in their tracks. The artist's technique makes the images almost holographic in depth, and adds motion and the play of light that really makes the image come to life. You can see the transition in design motif from rest of house to Theater. The railing is cherry, but the panels are maple. The big cherry doors provide the final transitional element. You know there has to be something pretty interesting on the other side of those doors!

Theater Door Handle Detail

Let's Open Those Doors!


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