We're serious bibliophiles here, and so a library was an important addition to the house. It serves multiple purposes. First, it is a peaceful sanctuary. The room feels sheltered, but is lit warmly, and the 350-gallon aquarium brings a sense of life to it. The A/V system here is audio-only, and the room is ideal for reading. Second, it is a repository of books. There is a considerable amount of shelf space here. The ends of the birch shelving units are lit to display curios. Third, it is a gathering space for guests. Whenever we entertain, we find that the library and home theater are the two favorite places guests want to congregate.

The library is a very impressive space, well done, and well integrated in concept. The aquarium is brings life and organic form to the room which is otherwise lacking in natural light.

A closer look at the 350 gallon aquarium in the back, and a good view of the curio-lit shelves on the the ends of the wall units. The walls are upholstered in a material called Sierra Suede that feels like ultrasuede to give the room a softer acoustical feel.

The seating area is positioned for optimal listening in front of the entertainment center. An art deco reading light that matches the sconces is located adjacent to the couch. On the rear wall is a very early Nottebohm, and the rear channel speakers needed for full surround sound. On the table is a Panja touch panel to control the system and allow selection of music from the jukebox.

At the far end of the room from the entrance is the aquarium. We house freshwater fish here, but saltwater is also a possibility.

Here is the entertainment center, as shot from the entrance to the library. On the walls are the art deco sconces that match the couch-side reading light.

A shot back towards the entrance, standing in front of the aquarium.

Close-up of a deco wall sconce.

Friends gave us this chess set, which really seems to go with the house.

Chair is by Philip Starck. It's very comfortable for reading.

Entertainment Center is Roche Bobois, custom modified...

It opens to reveal the stereo rack inside--not yet populated. Center channel is at top is a Martin Logan electrostatic speaker.

Downstairs Wing...

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