2004 Rolex Monterey Historic Races

Every year in August, the nation's premier excuse for ridiculously exotic cars to congregates happens in Monterey, California. There are at least three major events and a host of auctions and other side shows. The main events are the Concourse Italiano, the Monterey Historic Races, and the Pebble Beach Concourse d'Elegance. Normally, I only make it to the Historic Races. The Concourse would theoretically be more interesting--those are cars people drive on the street as opposed to exotic race machines--but I seem always to be working on the Friday it occurs. Saturday (actually Sunday too, but I always go on Saturday) we have the races. Sunday it all wraps up with the Pebble Beach Concourse where American Blue Bloods like Ralph Lauren duke it out over whose $15 million dollar car is closer to perfection. One of these days I am going to get a room down there and attend all three events. For now, please enjoy the 2004 Rolex Monterey Historic Automobile Races, presented by Chrysler.

Check the Ferrari F1 at top right. I tried 6 times to photograph one going by and missed all 6 because of my camera's slow response times. This was accidental!

I used to have a Testarossa that looked just like this one...

A racing BMW CSL. Great paint job!

Ferrari Enzo: Pent-up Frustration

One achingly beautiful Ferrari racer after the next...

"Arresting", isn't it?

If it could talk, what would it tell us of the European Ferrari racing scene?

Monterey Races, Part 2...

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