We're huge fans of movies here. I don't personally watch much TV, but you can always get me fired up to watch a movie. I tend to classify movies into two categories: Chick Flicks and Guy Flicks. This tends to greatly annoy my women friends and wife, but I don't mean any harm by it. Men and Women just seem to look for different attributes in their movies, but there is room for considerable overlap. I've found this taxonomy of classification to be so effective for movies that I even added a special feature to my Home Theater to emphasize the differences.

But enough of this lovemaking about Guy Flicks and Chick Flicks. Below you will find the links that really spell out how the Warfields do movies.

Movie Links

 My Favorite Flicks: These are my choices for 5-star flicks.

 Terrible Flicks: Don't even consider renting these dogs!

 Other Movies Reviewed: 2, 3, and 4-star flicks.

 My Home Theater: Be very afraid!

   If you don't use them, you're missing out!

  The Digital Convergence: What is the future of home electronics/entertainment?


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