Piaggio Avanti

Why spend the cost of a light jet, about $5 million, for a turboprop? One look at the Avanti tells you this is no ordinary turboprop. Let's consider its virtues.

Performance-wise, it's capable of operating at FL410--41,000 feet, and it will fly at a jet-like 400 knots. Do I have your attention yet? How about considering that the Avanti does all this while burning dramatically less fuel than any jet, making it much cheaper to fly? In fact, according to Piaggio's marketing literature, it'll burn less fuel on a 300nm flight than a King Air. How does it do that? It's design is extremely efficient, with incredibly low drag, that's how.

Add to all of this that the fact that the rear mounted engines actually make it quieter than any jet, while the cabin is equivalent in roominess to a medium sized jet, costing much more than the Avanti. This is one comfortable bird for long trips!

Given all that, you have to stop and take notice of this unusual bird, but if that didn't totally hook you, how about the fact that this plane is the one chosen by Ferrari to haul its executives around Europe?








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