Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby

Bobby is a Cub Scout this year. A Tiger Cub to be precise. One of the many fun things Cub Scouts get to do is the Pinewood Derby. This is a race where the kids and their fathers build little cars out of blocks of wood and then race them. Follow along this brief photo essay to see how ours turned out.

We started with a vision of what the car should look like. To me, the block of wood provided most closely matched the dimensions of the old 50's Grand Prix and Indy cars. I located a couple of pictures on the web that we could use as our models--a Ferrari Formula 1 car.

Next, we did a tracing of the raw block of wood, scanned that into the computer, and then scaled and superimposed the car picture onto it to create a cutting template.

Bobby cut the template out and pasted it onto the wood block.

Bobby's Uncle David and I used a belt sander to get the rough contours of the body right.

Here is the finished car, which Bobby calls the "Ferrari Flame 16":

With the car ready to run, it was time to head off to the races...

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

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