Point Lobos Diving

Pt Lobos is my favorite Northern California dive spot. For a four month period I had the luxury of diving here almost every Tuesday with friend Lori Huhn. We saw some cool stuff!

Lobos requires reservations--you can't just show up most days or you run the risk of not getting one of the limited number of diving spots open each day. This is no problem, as there is a web site where you can register. Lobos is the easiest beach diving you'll ever do, because you can just walk down their boat ramp after parking nearby and gearing up. There's no need to schlep heavy gear up and down stairs or anything like that. They also have first class toilets, and are generally very convenient. If you prefer to boat dive, there are some operators you can use. We've gone with Cypress Charters in the past and had a good time. The park requires you to enter to confirm your registration and then swim out to the boat, which is kind of an entertaining way to start the experience. They do this every Thursday.

Here are photos from a recent visit during the 2001 Christmas vacation.

Preparation is Essential

Scuba diving is an equipment intensive sport!

We were greeted on arrival by the Cypress Charters boat. They do a "Carmel Thursdays" event where you swim out to board. This is great diving!

Looking all the way left we see the inlet to the cove. Most of my dives I swim straight out this way until I hit kelp, submerge, and keep going on out.

To the right of the previous picture is another great dive. There're underwater caves across the cove where I've seen a wolf eel.

And here's that boat ramp entry. Looks easy, no?

Here we are getting geared up. Dave and I have already donned our Andy's Undies and set up the tanks. Dry suits are next...

Putting on dry suits is a difficult birthing process...

Dave is in his dry suit...

Dave has tank on, and I just need to zip up to be done with dry suit. Artem is trying out Dave's full face mask...

There are a million gadgets and details to diving. Dave puts on his dive computer, while Artem checks to see that he has air in the tank.

A hood is needed to keep the head and ears warm...

What is all that junk hanging off Dave?

Geez, what did I forget this time? It's a long walk back to the car with that heavy tank!

Time to Get Wet!

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