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"We all live in a Yellow Submarine!" -- Beatles

A passionate for brothers David and Bob and more recently for Kathy. We like to dive almost anywhere. Considering that we learned in Monterey Bay where a lot of certified divers just won't go, we figure we're pretty Gung Ho about diving. Suffice it to say that you have to be dedicated (or just plain nuts) to enjoy going down in conditions where the water is 48 degrees (the coldest I've encountered, but it can get colder here) and you can only see 10 or 15 feet (on average) through the gloom. Oh, and there's kelp to get tangled up in and Great White Sharks (yow!) to eat you.

Sounds pretty cool huh? If you think so, read on:

Diving Articles

 Underwater Photography History

 The Mother of All Dive Vacations: A Month in the Caribbean...

 Crucial Dive Toys: Life support systems we have known...

 10 Steps to Better Air Consumption

 Bob's Online Dive Log

 Ocean Odyssey Dive Center: Our local dive shop. Sadly, they've closed down.

 Humboldt Squid Dive: A fantasy Dave and I hope to see come true...

Bob's Favorite Dive Locations
1. Cozumel All around favorite. Best coral. Best large animals.
2. Kona Coast, Hawaii Best fish. Best moray eels. Best night dives.
3. Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac Most serene. Most expensive. Best non-scuba underwater attraction: Stingray City.
4. Channel Islands, California Best coldwater diving.
5. Monterey, California Easiest for me to get to! Most invertebrates. Most cold!
6. Oahu, Hawaii Dive on Corsair, best wreck dive.
7. Roatan Fun Caribbean diving at a reasonable cost. Seahorses!
What about Aruba? My first dive ever, a tourist dive (uncertified). I still remember it well. Aruba is gorgeous and I must get back there someday, but I can't really say I've experienced much Aruba diving.

Kona Coast


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