Smoker Ideas & Resources

After seeing my brother-in-law's smoker, I am busy taking a community college welding course so I can build my own. This page just gathers some pictures, web links, and ideas for the planning stages!

Smokebox Opens for Grilling: Nice Feature!

Vertical and Horizontal Sections, Texas Star, Counterweighted Lid, Propane Fire Starter: Great Stuff!


Another Storebought: My Brother Has This Char-Broil Model!

Stainless? Nice Work Whatever it is!

A Fire Station's Smoke Trailer. Love the Stacks and Bell!

Gotta Have A Cool Gauge!

Just Too Strange for Me!

You Can Make 'Em Square Too!

A Nice Horizontal + Vertical + Grill Model

My Brother-In-Law's Smoker: My Favorite!

Bob's Smoker Features and Specs

It's Gotta Look Like the State of Texas!

1/4" Steel Plate Construction, 3/8" Fire Box

Trailer Mounted

Pull Out Trays (Brother in Law's Suggestion)

Accessories and Links

BBQ Guru: Automatic Temperature Control.

Gator Pits: Nice temp gauges.

Tejas Smokers: Nice Texas gauge, spring handles, etc.

The National BBQ News: Great forums.

The BBQ Forum: Another large group. These guys are a bit too commercial.

The Smoke Ring: A web ring. Nice bunch of information here.

Baby Got Rack: A BBQ Team. Check their recipe for Atomic Buffalo Turds!

Del and Diane's Outdoor Kitchen Project: Whoa! Very cool...


Not Sure Where To Take You Next!

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