Soquel Vineyards Wine Tasting

There are a number of great, but not well known wineries in the Santa Cruz area. That's fine with us, because we get to enjoy their marketing events and they provide us with a ready source of good table wines that are very reasonably priced. One such winery would be Soquel Vineyards. This little operation is run by two jovial twin brothers with a flair for food as well as wine. They offer a wine club that gets you admission to the tastings and meals, together with a couple of bottles of wine a month. The brothers are Bargettos, which is another nice little winery in the area run by the matriarch of the family. I must say, these two guys understand what's important in leading the Good Life. I was I was so enlightened!

I've captured here a photo essay of one such tasting which was held in conjunction with Theo's restaurant, a very good Santa Cruz eatery, on a Sunday afternoon. The emphasis at this even was on the wines, and on the wood fired pizza that the Theo's folks cranked out of their little oven. Theo's is contained in a converted house, and the "back yard" of that house is where the tasting was held. There's a concrete pad with some shade, a grassy area, and some wonderful gardens where Theo's grows organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs which they cook and serve to guests.


Brother numero uno: Peter

Brother dos: Paul

A happy taster...

A bunch of happy tasters!

The woodfired pizza oven: yum!

Edna, Kathy, and Steve enjoy the fruits of the vine...

They're growing kiwi here!

Coming back from touring the organic gardens--very nice!

When we've drunk enough that we no longer listen to each other...'s time to make our purchases and go!

A Second Soquel Vineyards Tasting...

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