Thanksgiving, 2002

Ready to go!

Uncle David always carves...

Artem doesn't want to wait for that turkey!

First through the line...

Papa, you have to eat something green!

Not too much gravy either!

Oh baby! Drumstick time!

Meat, potatoes, and bread. That's my boy!

No way--that stuff is too spicy mom!

Oh, yummy fruit salad!

Get ready to dive in!

Don't you dare take one with my mouth full!


Two peas...

The Princess is eating well...

Major drumstick action here!

Let's Walk Around the Table:

Thanksgiving 2002 Menu

Brown sugar brine smoked turkey

Garlic mashed potatoes

Giblet gravy

Cornbread and andouille sausage stuffing

Cranberry compote

Candied yams

Green beans cooked with onions and bacon

Corn on the cobb

Ambrosia fruit salad

Spinach, mandarin orange, & pecan Salad

3 kinds of bread

Grandma Pahl's spicy pumpkin pie w/ whipped cream

Thanksgiving 2001 Beverage List

Egg Nog w/ Rum Cocktail

Bollinger's Champagne

1992 Opus One


Happy Holidays!

All material 2001-2006, Robert W. Warfield.