To Do List

These are all the things I wish I had done to the site, but haven't had time for yet.

  •   Finish typing quotations to home page quote script.
  •   Create a rotating "interest" script on home page ala Bit-Tech style what's new box.
  •   Do any other pages need sound effects?
  •   Computer game reviews.
  •   Need META tags for search engines on root and 1st children.
  • index.htm


    Each interest page





  •   David's 2001 birthday.
  •   Helen's 2001 birthday.
  •   Dad 2001 birthday.
  •   Bobby's pictures.
  •   Stephanie's birthday party.
  •   Fisherman's wharf pix.
  •   Pets page for Cairo and Chauncy.
  •   People page with everyone on the web site's photo.
  •   Scan in pix from Bob's 40th party.
  •   Scan in some Millenium Party pix.
  •   Get a scan of the old Borland Pantera motor picture.
  •   Add a search engine to the nav page. Work on timeline aesthetics.
  •   Join some web rings for each interest area. Have already joined one for scuba.
  •   Write an article about our Andreas Nottebohm artwork.


As time permits, we'll be adding all of these things and more!

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